Pharmacist Hiring In Multan



Evaluate all Medicare coverage requirement requests and ensure compliance to all clinical procedure and coordinate with pharmacy and medical staff to perform regular interventions according to present drugs.
Perform regular evaluation on all usage and dosage and ensure absence of all reactions and assist all patients with assessment of patient orders and prescription infusion and ensure adherence to all laws and regulations.
Gather, maintain and analyze all laboratory data and record all required patient information and make recommendations to change dosage if required.
Administer and complete all pharmacy care plans and perform reconciliation of all medication and supervise all sterile mixing processes.
Review all medications and equipments and ensure accuracy and effective functioning and manage all communication with physicians and patients and assist to resolve all patients within required timeframe.
Maintain record of all medication for patients and ensure absence of all discrepancies and analyze all side effects and drug interactions.
Coordinate with all medical case managers and evaluate all high risk members to prevent all risks and participate in all patient associated meetings.
Prepare all clinical documents and participate in all on call activities for pharmacy and evaluate all pharmacy claim data and identify all clinical savings.
Attend all therapeutic and pharmacy committee meetings.
Design and maintain all medication protocols for all clinical pharmacists and coordinate with all clinical team members to ensure optimal services.
Provide support to all clinical programs and ensure compliance to all medication process and evaluate all data to administer all drug utilization patterns.
Monitor all departmental activities and analyze all Quality improvement activities and present all a


The candidate must being in Multan.
Work experience in a related field required.
Salary and accommodation Depend on experience.
To apply please  send a CV.

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